counselling and consulting Inc.

PsychoSocial and Psycho EducationalAssessments

While there are any benefits to counselling and therapy,

there are also some risks such as:

*Temporary emotional discomfort due to close examination of difficult topics.
*Emotional or physical fatigue immediately after a session.

It may help to plan some time after a session to process what was discussed.
*Changes in relationship patterns with those close to you,

which may need a time of adjustment before things improve.

*Others may be discussed in sessions as they apply



Fees for Individual Sessions: $100 per session

Fees for Couple Sessions: $125 per session

Fees for Collaborative Practice:  Please Contact

Fees for Assessments and Consulting: Please Contact

Telephonic Session: Please Contact

cash or credit cards* (*additional fee of $3.00)

Receipts are issued for service. Individual clients are

responsible for checking with their provider to see if

services are eligible for reimbursement.

Direct Billing is provided for the following programs:

Approved Federal Provider-Social Work: Veteran's Affairs,

Veteran's Independence Program, and Canadian Armed Forces

Approved Provider NIHB, IRS RHSP- Mental Health Counselling-Health Canada