Elementz is located in Winnipeg providing Clinical Counselling, Psychotherapy, Social Work, and Educational services.

Services from childhood through the developmental span

Relationships                 Stress              Life Transitions

Adolescent Issues          Anxiety            Career   

Parenting Issues            Grief                Education

Personal Growth            Anger              Collaborative Practice             Suicide Ideation            Depression       SafeTALK Facilitator

*Manitoba College of Registered Social Workers- MSW, RSW; Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC); *Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association- Member

*Psychometrics Canada and USA--Assessments; *Collaborative Practice; *ASIST Trained (suicide prevention); *Threat and Risk Assessment; *American Psychological Association-Member; *CPA

Dr. Blahy has over 20 years experience in providing therapy to clients. She holds a Ph.D., a Masters of Social Work, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Science Education.

counselling and consulting Inc.

Believing in human potential, Tammy Lynn sees emotional and life challenges as normal life growing edges and opportunities for self-learning and personal growth. Through a unique multi-dimensional approach, Tammy Lynn facilitates the conditions for her clients to have the time, space, and tools to explore and identify their challenges in respectful way.